ContactCRE Membership is for professionals who specialize in commercial real estate

How much time do you spend trying to find Commercial Real Estate Properties to Purchase?

How much time do you spend getting information on those Properties and tracking down the Owners?

Do you receive information exactly when you need it or do you have to wait for it?

How much money is your time worth?
If you spend any time collecting or waiting for Commercial Real Estate information then ContactCRE Membership is for you
So what can we do for you?

Use our system to find your next big opportunity Find all off-market commercial real estate properties and use our data to find the best opportunity
Decrease Time Waiting For Information What would having everything you need at your fingertips do for you?
Decrease Data Costs Stop buying more and more Company Summaries that become old and stale
Decrease Deal Costs What would reducing research costs save you?
Increase Productivity You now have the information you need when you need it. Why wait for another person to retrieve the information? Why use 5 different websites? Why pay search fees?
Increase Effectiveness Knowledge at your fingertips is power
Increase Income Put this all together and the result is more money
So what exactly do I get?

You receive Opportunity Scores on all 58,000+ properties in the Database
You receive direct Property Owners information on every property
You receive Company information for all of the Companies in the Database
You receive our Concierge Service to help you research your opportunity
You are able to export information for your own personal use